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Relaunched in more ways than one: My personal website

The 2024 update


It's been almost five years since I last posted an actual new post on this website, with any changes mostly being minor content fixes rather than brand new posts. However, to coincide with some personal news I have posted on Twitter, I figured I would post something new to summarise the last 5 years, with some more in depth posts possibly coming sometime in the future.

Without further ado, here is a summary of projects:

  • My final year project was a software system designed to be able to manage multiple CCTV cameras with differing recording schedules without a central server, instead any device on the network could connect and control the cameras via mDNS using a Windows app.
  • I did a long form post with my employer about my experiences with making high performance React Native applications on both native and web, and how we had to move to Tamagui due to poor performance on the web.
  • Made a Node.JS payload app to create AI powered chatbots you can add to a Discord server
  • Various other AI experiments I want to clean up and open source at some point.

I also took the opportunity to rebuild my website once again: It's now running the latest Payload 3 as a CMS platform with Next JS 15 for the frontend technology.